Abolish Your Slavery to Passover: Liberate Yourself and Your Guests!

Sunshine in the SpringAs the spring sunshine begins to overpower the wintery gray skies, there’s excitement in the air. Brighter skies seem to put people in a better mood and outdoor entertainment possibilities are in sight…at least, until the heat or humidity are do us in! But, before all that, there’s that large, looming, family-and-friend filled extravaganza, unparalleled by any other time of year: Passover!

The inevitable crunch of matzah and preceding period of preparations might just bring on more than a little nervousness. When this holiday’s on the horizon, it’s not just the sheer numbers of people who will grace our tables that can create stress, but all the details that put hosts’ and hostesses’ teeth on edge. When the time comes for seders and meals, it seems a little sad to identify too much with our previously enslaved ancestors, especially since so many years have come between. We love the time together, the story and culture we share, and the gratitude we feel, maybe even the preparation… to a point. Just what is that point for you?

Sometimes, just not having to manage all of it, alone can provide the freedom we need to really enjoy it. Who wants to show up feeling haggard and annoyed right when the holiday is starting? Not you. Wouldn’t it be energizing for host and hostess, this year, to relax a little more, before it all begins, by having some of the details handled and served up so deliciously?

Liberate yourself! The ancestors were redeemed from slavery, why not you and your guests?! Give yourself a break and venture forth into some new Passover culinary ground, simultaneously. We can fix you completely furnished seder plates and provide tasty new dishes, alongside traditional fare. We are sure any number of our Passover menu selections will become new-found favorites.

Have you ever had Sephardic Date Haroset? What would your guests think about some unique appetizers like Matzah Meal Polenta drizzled with Sautéed Mushrooms, or enticing entrées and sides like Tangy Cranberry Pot Roast, Savory Quinoa with Herbs and Mixed Olives, or a surprising Pineapple-Horseradish Salad? Even if they don’t finish their vegetables, which is doubtful, no one will refuse that fabulous Chocolate Mousse Cake before tracking down the affikomen! These are just a sampling from our currently posted, “Passover Selections” in the “Events, Unlimited” area of the site.

For many items, given enough notice, we can even ship your out-of-town selections to you! Come, take a look, and free yourself up to revel in the redemption and celebration along with family and friends whose company you cherish.

Chag sameah!