Weddings and Special Occasions Bliss!

Wedding!Spring and summer have long been the stage to salute special occasions. Wherever we are, the gradual warming of the weather and blooming plants just seem to signal promise. Couples set their nuptials, seniors graduate, and, some lucky dogs begin their retirements during this time of year. So, your big affair is happening at some other time of year? Not to worry: the following will still probably hold true. Along with all of the excitement and anticipation wrapped up in these huge life changes, there’s usually a little trepidation, too. We know where we’ve been, but what’s ahead? We’re not so sure, but we’re still ready to CELEBRATE!

Milestone parties, whether for graduations, engagements, weddings, or beyond, reflect our sense of personal style and distinction. We want this to be a time that is always remembered…in a good way! Marking life’s moments in spectacular ways mean different things for each of us. The range is immense, from a unique backyard barbeque or house party, to an off-the-beaten-path venue, with tenting, a dance floor and musical quartet, and all sorts of creative options in between. Specially selected menu items, décor, and other extras add dimension. The numerous diverse possibilities and logistics all require time-conscious planning and execution for the memories to be positive

What is it worth, for your peace of mind, inner gourmet, and sense of aesthetics, to have a seasoned helping hand in the orchestration of your stellar event? A savvy event planner and caterer brings years of know-how, timing, and connections to tried-and-true service providers and unique product knowledge for your benefit. It is doubtful that you would find some of these on your own. When you choose an event planner and caterer with these skills, whose genuine caring shines through, your special event is as good as done.

Got something special in mind? Let’s talk! My clients have reasons for their raves! Check them out, but, in the meantime…